Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

The garrison of Noyon execute English prisoners

As the army of Sir Robert Knolles withdraws, some English soldiers stay behind to burn a town, and suffer for it.

Book I, ch. 286. Sir Robert Knolles and his army, on their departure from the town of Noyon, set fire to Pont L'Evêque on the river Oise, where there were several handsome hotels. Those knights and squires in the town of Noyon were exceedingly angry at this proceeding, and understanding that sir Robert and his forces had proceeded, left the city of Noyon with about fifty lances, and came so well in time to the town of Pont L'Evêque, that they found there those who had burnt it, and other occupied in the pillage. They were attacked most furiously, and the greater part of them slain or made prisoners. the French took more than sixty horses, and rescued many prisoners whom the enemy intended carrying off. Several good houses would have been burnt if they had not come there so opportunely. They returned to Noyon with upwards of fifteen English prisoners, whom they beheaded.

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