Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Ghent Attacks the Gentlemen of Flanders

During the siege of Oudenarde, the men of Ghent send out an expedition against the gentlemen of Flanders.

Book II, ch. 102. Whilst the siege of Oudenarde was going forward, eleven hundred men left the army, with a determination to scour the country, and to ruin and destroy the houses of those knights who, having quitted Flanders, had established themselves, with their wives and families, in Hainault, Brabant, and in Artois. They accomplished their purpose; for this detachment committed great damage throughout Flanders, no leaving any house of a gentleman unburnt, or standing. Then they came to Marle, the house of the earl, and completely destroyed it. They found there the cradle in which he had been nursed, and the bathing tub in which he had been washed, both of which they entirely demolished. They pulled down the chapel, carrying away with them the bell to Bruges, where they met Peter du Bois, and Peter le Nuitre, who entertained them well, and told them they had performed good services.

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