Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Index of the Flemish Wars

The Count of Flanders detains a French ambassador.

How the wars in Flanders began.

Gilbert Matthews plots against John Lyon.

John Lyon exploits dissatisfaction in Ghent.

The massacre of the peace party in Ghent.

The earl of Flanders gives harsh terms to Ghent.

Artaveld speaks to the people of Ghent.

Artaveld rallies Ghent.

 The men of Ghent defeat Bruges and the earl.

How the earl of Flanders hid from the men of Ghent.

How the men of Ghent acted in victory.

How the earl of Flanders escaped from Bruges.

The siege of Oudenarde.

Ghent attacks the gentlemen of Flanders.

The French dukes opt for war.

The Haze de Flandres leads a foolish expedition.

 The French army forces a river crossing.

The battle of Commines.

The count de Blois saves Hainault from various menaces.

Peter du Bois rallies Ghent.

The battle of Dunkirk.

Francis Atremen takes Oudenarde by surprise.

The funeral of the Earl of Flanders.

Oudenarde is retaken.

The Porkers make war on all mankind.

Francis Atremen defeats the French at Ardembourg.

How peace was plotted in Flanders.

An assembly of the people of Ghent chooses peace.

Peter du Bois retires from Ghent to England.

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