Tales from Froissart

edited by Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University

Index of Battles

The Battle of Coutantin.

The attack on Châlons.

Sir John Chandos rescues the Earl of Pembroke.

The death of Sir John Chandos.

The lord de Boursiers on the Somme.

A battle near Cherbourg, 1379.

A few Scots capture Berwick.

The English recapture Berwick.

The Scots defeat the English near Melrose.

The death of the lord de Langurant.

English knights seek adventure.

The men of Ghent defeat Bruges and the earl.

The siege of Oudenarde.

The French army forces a river crossing.

The French prepare for battle at Commines.

The battle of Commines.

The constable remains in his office.

The battle of Dunkirk.

The campaign of Aljubarota (three segments, incomplete).

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