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Word - PDF

Best Practices

In general, the following rules apply.
  • Design your source document with accessibility in mind
  • Do NOT use character formatting for headings, use the program’s styles.
  • Do add alternative text to graphics in the source file
  • Do use a table editor if available to create tables
  • Do NOT use a table editor to design layouts
  • Do generate the PDF file in a way that generates tags
  • Do set your PDF output preferences option to tagged PDF
  • Do check the results in Adobe Acrobat X Pro using Advanced >
  • Accessibility > Full Check (shortcut: Alt + A + A + F)
  • Do follow the suggestions for repair and repeat checking until no errors are detected

Use proper formating for your source document (see Word guide) is the most important starting point. If you spend the time to setup the document correctly at the start you will save yourself hours of work in this process.

Checking settings / Enable Arcobat Ribbon item

If you have Acrobat installed and updated you should see the menu below.

You should be running Acobat Pro XI at least for this process. Please contact the University helpdesk if you are not and request and update.

Ribbon in word

The settings for pdfs are found in the Preferences are of the Acrobat menu in the Word menu ribbon.

Follow this link for help enabling the acrobat menu if it is not in the ribbon and for more details on what the different settings do.

Final Steps

Once you have created your document and checked the accessibility from with Word's "Accessibility Checker" you can proceed to creating your PDF document.

To do this use the "Create PDF" button from the Acrobat menu in the Word menu ribbon.

Next, proceed to launch Acrobrat Pro XI and follow these additional instructions.

Scanned Document or Fillable Form

The process for making a scanned document or fillable form accessible can be complicated.

In order to help you through this process please contact the Faculty and Administrative Support Services (FASS) office and they will assist you in this.


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